Provision of Laboratory Tests of Biological Specimen of Animal Origin

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The Veterinary Laboratories VET IN PROGRESS PLUS visualize and aim to the official and
internationally accepted technical adequacy and reliability concerning the implementation of
diagnostic laboratory tests in biological samples of animal origin.

AccessibilityEvery day a network of distributors covers all areas of the Basin

Mainly in the afternoon and based on the attendance of veterinary clinics, in order to ensure the fastest possible performance of the required analyzes.

For the rest of the geographical regions of the country there is a possibility of free sending of samples through cooperation with a nationwide courier company.

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The choice of laboratory is the most important decision to be made
Quality control procedures for the reliability of the result
Serology & Immunology
• Specific prostatic esterase - CPSE • Protein electrophoresis
In full correspondence with the most advanced laboratory tests
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
To determine the dose of a given drug
Clinical Biochemistry
• Bile Acids • CRP • Principles of Sampling • UPCR • Toxic Substance
Bacteriology - Mycology
Installation of an automated method of microbiological analyzes
Molecular Diagnostics
Real-time PCR has given great impetus to the evolution of existing methodologies
Porcine Diagnostics
Diseases of the digestive and reproductive systems
Bovine/Caprine/Ovine Diagnostics
• Biological indicators of diseases • Malignant bluetongue
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